King Feature artists go green on Earth Day

Forty-five King Feature cartoonists are taking part in a “first-of-its-kind comics event” tomorrow to commemorate the annual Earth Day. Every King Feature comic will mention or make a statement about Earth Day. Some serials like Judge Parker and Rex Morgan M.D. (both written by Woody Wilson), interrupt their normal story-line to display a single image and message promoting Earth Day, while Spider-Man simply runs the words “Let’s make Earth Day Everyday” at the bottom of the strip.

“Each cartoonist has presented his or her own unique ‘green’ viewpoint through their characters. For example, in Hagar the Horrible, Chris Browne has used his larger-than-life Viking to illustrate the significant impact every individual has on our planet. And Patrick McDonnell, who frequently addresses animal welfare and environmental issues in his Mutts comic, has created an entire week’s worth of strips devoted to Earth Day themes. We are proud that so many of our cartoonists feel as passionately about the environment as we do, and have come together to celebrate the planet and raise awareness for Earth Day through these incredibly funny and insightful strips,” said Brendan Burford, comics editor for King Features Syndicate.

King Features is also launching a new site called to provide news, tips and other eco-resource information. It will also run Alex Hallatt’s Arctic Circle every day as part of its features.

Correction: is not a King Feature web site, it was launched last November by Hearst Magazine Digital Media, a sister company to the syndicate.