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Richard Thompson named best DC cartoonist

Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson was named this year’s Best Cartoonist by The Washington City Paper – a local best of for the Washington D.C. area.

Regarding Richard, they write:

Thompson is a local institution-in addition to scads of magazine work, his “Richard’s Poor Almanack” is one of the few things in the Saturday Post worth looking forward to, and “Cul de Sac” stakes out an entertaining middle ground in the Sunday Post Magazine between Gene Weingarten nyuking it up and Date Lab’s throwing klieg lights on the emotionally humiliating spectacle that is the blind date. What’s baffling, though, is why Thompson’s daily “Cul de Sac” strip, which launched in the fall of 2007, runs in 70 newspapers across the country but not in the Post. -MA

As an aside, they also name Mike Rhode and his ComicsDC blog as Best (Comic) Art Blogger.

Community Comments

#1 Larry Levine
@ 6:32 am

Congrats to Richard, well deserved!

#2 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:53 am

Agreed. Congrats to Richard. He has a nice little strip there!

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:58 am

And his other work, ain’t too shabby either!

#4 Tom Heintjes
@ 1:31 pm

A well-deserved recognition for a great new strip! It doesn’t run in the Atlanta paper either, but I get it as part of my MyComicsPage subscription, allowing me to enjoy it conveniently every day!

#5 Richard Thompson
@ 4:52 pm

Thanks, guys! As a local institution I’ve been rezoned for commercial use, so come on by if you’re in DC and strop by my gift shop/dive bar/ice creamatorium!

#6 Richard Thompson
@ 5:02 pm

And be sure to bring H. Moore with you! It’ll be a hoot!

#7 Mike Rhode
@ 10:12 pm

I can especially recommend the guacamole ice cream with a side of Petey tattoo on your chest.

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