Dan Piraro runs Bizarro on his blog

Bizarro creator, Dan Piraro has announced that he’ll be posting his comic panel on his blog each day. Since he’s with King Features, he must post his feature a week behind what newspapers print, but if you’re a Bizarro fan and can’t cough up the $15/year for Daily Ink, bookmark his blog.

2 thoughts on “Dan Piraro runs Bizarro on his blog

  1. Your cartoon of June 18 featuring GI Joe is really timely. My wife’s great-uncle, Joseph Kirsner, M.D., is a noted Gastroenterologist who is turning 100 this year. His Biography, GI Joe: The life and career of Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner by James L. Franklin, M.D. was just published by the University of Chicago. Thank you for the timely cartoon. I have no idea if you knew about the book and that this inspired the cartoon.

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