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“Cathy” featured on “30 Rock”

Cathy as featured on 30 Rock

Cathy strip provided by Universal Press Syndicate. © Cathy Guisewite

Last night’s “30 Rock” featured a Cathy comic strip that was created specific for the show. During the show, Tina Fey is shown looking at the “Cathy” cartoon in the New York Post. Fey is over a candy counter and mimics the character Cathy’s words: “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate-ACCK!!!” The New York Post doesn’t run Cathy in real life.

If you missed the episode, it’s online.

Community Comments

#1 Kevin Moore
@ 3:53 pm

Such is the power of Tina Fey that she can make even Cathy seem cool.

#2 Andertoons
@ 6:15 pm

Didn’t see the episode, but you want AACK-ing, you gotta go Bill the cat IMHO.

#3 Eric Burke
@ 7:19 pm

Tina Fey is hot. And funny. Which makes her even hotter.

#4 Neff
@ 7:35 pm

Hell yea!! Tina Fey is soo hot, like OMG I love her.

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