Paul Gilligan to write Pooch Cafe treatment

Pooch Cafe creator Paul Gilligan has been officially hired by Sony to write the treatment for the Pooch Cafe movie that optioned back in January. A movie treatment is the basic story for the movie outlined in paragraph form.

I pitched my treatment/vision of the Pooch Caf’e movie to Sony along with a number (not sure what the number was) of other experienced Hollywood screenwriters. Sony told me that after reading my pitch they were sitting around relaying to each their favorite parts and laughing, which they felt was a strong indication that I was on to something and at which point they decided I might be the best candidate for the job.

The contract I’ve signed is for a complete treatment, with two rounds of revisions. Sony has made me aware that despite the fact that I’ve already submitted a working treatment that this will be no walk in the park. Meetings are being held this and next week and I’m to prepare myself for a barrage of notes and comments.

In other movie related news, it appears that Sony is thinking the Pooch Cafe movie will be “B” release.

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