Dan Piraro launches Bizarro trading cards

Bizarro Trading Cards

Bizarro creator Dan Piraro has announced that he’s getting into the trading card business. The new Bizarro trading cards feature a Bizarro cartoon and some unpublished work and the back of each cartoon is a puzzle piece that once assembled with other cards create a larger 17.5 x 11.5″ puzzle. The first release (or Series 1) will consist of 110 cards total and should be available after April 20th. He’s only pre-selling the cards now.

He writes:

Imagine finding just the right cartoon to lampoon your boss and leaving it anonymously on his/her door at lunchtime. Imagine the thrill you will experience when someone calls and thanks you for sending them a delightful little full-color comic in the mail! Imagine sharing them with your kids and teaching them to be sarcastic and cynical, just like DAN PIRARO! Is this much fun legal? Only one way to find out!

3 thoughts on “Dan Piraro launches Bizarro trading cards

  1. Why hasn’t another cartoonist done this before?…or have they?

    Love Bizarro and anything to do with the strip. In my opinion, Piraro is still the most underappreciated great cartoonist of our era(even despite his NCS accolades), with Jim Meddick getting honorable mention…

  2. Visited his blog, and once I got past the ENORMOUS photo of him… I kinda forgot what I was gogin to say. That picture is HUGE!

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