Argyle Sweater Launches With 130 Clients

Today is Scott Hilburn’s Argyle Sweater official launch day and Universal Press reports that it has a beginning client list of 130 plus papers. Some of the big papers that have signed up include: The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune and the New York Daily News.

The Argyle Sweater started in 2006 on Comics Sherpa then was quickly promoted to goComcics and then placed under a development contract with Universal Press.

John Glynn, vice president of rights and acquisition editor for Universal Press Syndicate says:

“Scott’s been making a big pot of humor stew where he stirs together dogs, cats, cops, bees, wolves, game shows, bears, telephones, sports, zebras, nursery-rhyme icons and cavemen, topped off with the occasional evil scientist. What comes out of the pot is a grown-up’s comic inspired and drawn with childlike imagination.”

11 thoughts on “Argyle Sweater Launches With 130 Clients

  1. Great humor deserves great results…and I think the results speak for themselves here. Great work, Scott.

  2. Those are some great numbers. Judging by Mr. Hilburn’s collection of work I am not surprised. I’ve been a fan since before he knew he was a cartoonist. Serious.

    I think I speak for the rest of the Sherpa/Go Alumni when I say congrats, my friend.

  3. Hey thanks, everyone!
    Again, I gotta give props to the guys that sold it. They’re friggin’ phenomenal.

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