NCS Division Award candidates announced (mostly)

Most of the NCS Division Awards candidates have been posted. Here is the run down so far.

Animation Feature

  • Brad Bird, “Ratatouille”
  • Sylvain Deboissy, “Surf’s up”
  • David Silverman, “The Simpsons Movie”

Television Animation

  • Sandra Equiha &Amp; Jorge Gutierrez, “El Tigre: The Adventures, of Manny Rivera
  • Stephen Silver, “Kim Possible”
  • Richard Webber, “Purple and Brown”

Book Illustration

  • Nancy Beiman, “Prepare to Board”
  • Sandra Boynton, “Blue Moo”
  • Jay Stephens, “Robots!”

Comic Books

  • Ick Abadzis, “Laika”
  • Bryan Lee O’malley, “Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together”
  • Shaun Tan, “The Arrival”

Editorial Cartoons

  • Gary Brookins
  • Michael Ramirez
  • Bill Schorr

Gag Cartoons

  • Benita Epstein
  • Mort Gerberg
  • Glenn Mccoy

Greeting Cards

  • Gary Mccoy
  • Glenn Mccoy
  • Dave Mowder

Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration

  • Daryll Collins
  • John Klossner
  • Tom Richmond

Newspaper Illustration

  • Drew Friedman
  • Sean Kelly
  • Ed Murawinski

Newspaper Strips

  • Paul Gilligan, “Pooch Cafe”
  • Jim Meddick, “Monty”
  • Richard Thompson, “Cul De Sac”

Congrats to the nominees! Still unannounced are the candidates for Advertising Illustration and Newspaper panel. I’ll update the list when the last remaining division categories are posted.

3 thoughts on “NCS Division Award candidates announced (mostly)

  1. Wow. The strip awards are tough call this year for me. Not sure who to root for. I think Meddick’s looong overdue for some recognition. Pooch Cafe is one of the FUNNIEST strips out there and would love to see Paul G get the nod. And the writing and art in Cul De Sac is impeccable – can’t go wrong with any of these.
    Congratulations to all three.

  2. The strip awards are a tough call this year (for me anways). I think Meddick’s looong overdue for some recognition. Pooch Cafe is one of the FUNNIEST comics out there and I’d love to see Paul G. get the nod. Cul De Sac’s writing and art are both impeccable. Can’t go wrong with any of these.

  3. sorry for the double post. my comment didn’t immediately show up, so I reposted it.

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