Michael Ramirez wins 2008 Fischetti award

© Michael Ramirez. Used by permission

Investor Business Daily editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez has won this year’s John Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition sponsored by The Columbia College Chicago Department of Journalism. Honorable mentions went to Tony Auth of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Steve Greenberg of the Ventura County Star.

The first place cartoon by Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez depicts Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Obama as one of the massive, enigmatic, sculptural figures of Easter Island. “An editorial cartoon….is neither conservative nor liberal,” says Ramirez. “Whether you agree with it philosophically or not, a good editorial cartoon engages the reader in debate.”

An award reception will be held in their honor on April 1st. The event will also entail a silent auction with the proceeds going toward the Fischetti scholarship fund as well as a tribute to Doug Marlette who died last summer in an auto accident. Doug was also a Fischetti winner as well as the creator of Kudzu.

Congrats to Michael, Tony and Steve!

8 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez wins 2008 Fischetti award

  1. Ramirez is probably one of the greatest conservative editorial cartoonist around (okay, I’m biased, since he used to draw for my local paper when he won Pulitzer). So any major awards given to him is well deserved.

    Congrats, Mike.

  2. I am very interested in Michael Ramirez cartoon
    I hope I can join and interact and give some opinion on this blog

  3. I want to use one of his cartoon work into my presentation slide.
    I want ask him a permission, but I don’t know his contact detail.
    Is there anyone can help me on this issue??

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