LA Daily News to lay-off 22; Patrick O’Connor could be one of them (UPDATED)

LA Daily News editorial cartoonist Patrick O’Connor is one of 22 employees who will find out today if he will still be among the employed. In an email, Patrick tells me, “I think I’ll be live blogging my firing.”

I’ll post a link to the blog when he sends it to me. I’m not sure if he’s talking about this one.

UPDATE: Just received an email from Patrick. His job was spared. Congratulations Patrick!!!

7 thoughts on “LA Daily News to lay-off 22; Patrick O’Connor could be one of them (UPDATED)

  1. I’m a big fan of his work. If that happens, hopefully an editor out there will be smart enough to pick him up. He should be syndicated if he isn’t already. Good Luck,Patrick

  2. â??I think Iâ??ll be live blogging my firing.â?

    The web sure is providing cartoonists with an exciting future–as has long been predicted. Since we can’t make any money off of it, at least the news of our careers being over can go out in real time and be permalinked, texted, and vlogged before we clear out the desk drawer.

  3. I believe that’s how William Buckley found out he was dead…the grim reaper blogged it. Oops! used the grim reaper cliche…don’t want to end up on the Bad Cartoonist again

  4. Talked to him earlier today and his job was saved…at least until the next round of cutbacks.

  5. That was a close call… expectations were that he was going to be cut. He’s been really hitting his stride lately in L.A., too, and he’s the only cartoonist really keeping Mayor Villaraigosa’s feet to the fire.

  6. Congratulations, Patrick!
    From someone who’s been on the other side of that situation, always have a Plan B.

    It’s good to see your beancounters value the work of their editorial cartoonist.

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