News Briefs for February 26, 2008

» Former Times of Northwest Indiana editorial cartoonist Stacy Curtis has made a new career in illustration and according to the Three Men in a Tub blog (which Stacy contributes) Stacy has recently won an illustration contest sponsored by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators! You can see his drawing here.

» A couple of readers have sent me the link to the Garfield Minus Garfield blog which takes a Garfield comic, removes Garfield (and any associated dialog). The results are often a bit silly and some I dare say funny. It would be interesting to see how other strips would fair after such treatment.

» I mentioned earlier that the Dick Tracy Museum was closing down. The Chicago Tribune has more details regarding its demise.

» And lastly, there is an interesting story regarding a Norwegian museum director who claims to have found three cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler. The cartoons were found hidden in a painting believed to be painted by Hitler. The three cartoons were drawings of Disney’s Snow White film and of Pinocchio
. For those following my Twitter feed, my first reaction to the news was: “Among his crimes, we can now add plagiarist.”

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  1. That Garfield blog…hilarious. ‘Garfield’ is minimalist anyway, who would have thought you could strip it down even more?

    “There’s something wrong with my pants.”

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