F Minus character death update

F Minus creator Tony Carillo announced last week that he would be killing off one of his characters, which perplexed many of us as there are no re-occurring characters in his feature. He has “confirmed” the rumors (that he started) and has clarified that there have been an estimated 800 characters that have appeared in his strip and one of them would die. Tony as further revealed that the character would be “Barry” (often referred to as “Big Hat Barry” and “Blind Date Barry”) who appeared once back in September of 2006. No details on which day this week or the actual cause of his demise.

6 thoughts on “F Minus character death update

  1. I’m glad to see Barry go. Knowing when to get out before overstaying your welcome has always been the reason newspaper comics have stayed fresh vs. other media.

  2. Just checking…the “death” strip was the one with the guy drowning in the bathtub when his ten-gallon hat took on water, right?

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