Perry Bible Fellowship comes to an end

The alt-weekly and web comic darling, The Perry Bible Fellowship will come to an end according to its creator Nicholas Gurewitch. Nicholas cites, “I’ll be sending another PBF next Monday. After that, I’ll be discontinuing The PBF as a weekly strip.”

By my calculation, PBF created just over 201 comics most of which have been published in a book collection.

10 thoughts on “Perry Bible Fellowship comes to an end

  1. Wasn’t this now running in The Guardian in the UK? I know it has an incredible following. I always appreciated the off-the-wall ideas which hit the mark more often than not. I’d be very interested to see what he does next, especially as he says he wants to do things other than be a cartoonist!

  2. Seeing that PBF has been in reruns on and off for the past few months, the news wasn’t too surprising.

    I guess even cartoonists can get burned out from doing a strip even if it only comes out once a week.

  3. So sad. One thing that stuck out to me: only 201 comics? So, at once a week, this ran about 4 years? Granted he put a lot of art into each strip, but in the big scheme of things, that seems to barely be a start. That being said, I enjoyed his work and will miss it. Hopefully he has another project pending.

  4. I have really enjoyed his work, too. He’s done a heck of a lot with a fairly small number of cartoons. My hunch? Since the PBF book was such a success, he can choose to take his time, without the pressure of looming deadlines (even if they might have only been weekly, and not daily) … cartoon at his leisure and eventually create a new book. And given the success of the first one, I betcha he’ll sell quite a few copies. I know I’d buy one. If he’s done anything, thus far, it’s establish a track record for producting quality — and hilarious — work.

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