Mexican cartoonist attempts to change Mexican policy regarding U.S.

Newsweek has an interesting article about a Mexican editorial cartoonist, Francisco “Paco” Calderon, who works for the Reforma newspaper and his struggle to influence Mexican policy in regard to its relationship with the United States. His contention is that Mexico has played the victim role far too long and that it should work to strengthen its relationship with the U.S.

They call me the cartoonist from the right, the pro-American cartoonist,” says Francisco “Paco” Calderon, with a bemused look on his long, bearded face. “They call me a U.S. Pig.” Hands on his belly, he stops suddenly to ponder his own words. Then he leans back in his chair, widens his eyes, and bellows at his critics: “You idiots, open your eyes! You are getting comfy in your coffin!