News Briefs for February 15, 2008

The Comic Coast to Coast guys have posted part 2 of their interview with Wiley Miller.

From a story about Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould’s daughter being nominated for an Edgar Award we learn that the Dick Tracy Museum in Woodstock IL will close in June for economic reasons.

NPR interviewed editorial cartoonists KAL (The Economist) and Jack Ohman (The Oregonian) about caricaturing this presidential election hopefuls.

E&P reports that the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City will be closed until March 5th due to remodeling.

Scott Hilburn, creator of The Argyle Sweater has posted part 3 of his story on getting into syndication.

The 17th annual Toonie Award Banquet is scheduled for March 1. The Toonies is sponsored by the Cartoonists Northwest (an association of professional, amateur cartoonists, animators and illustrators in the Seattle Area). The awards night honors in webcomics, illustration, print comics and caricatures as well as naming the cartoonist of the year.

Morrie Turner, creator of Wee Pals, was interviewed by E&P about the Cartoonists of Color action last Sunday.

3 thoughts on “News Briefs for February 15, 2008

  1. I am truly disappointed that they couldn’t make a go of the Dick Tracy Museum. I am hoping to travel there from Connecticut before they close. Chester Gould. Does the current generation know how influential and amazing this guy was? I can answer that question myself. It’s sad. I hope that somewhere, somehow, his artifacts will still be accessible to the public.
    So many times, we in the cartooning and comics field hear of a wonderful new enterprise involving our artform, then, after the initial spotlight is turned away, we forget about it and let it wither and die.

    We can all name local and regional attractions that are now gone. If you have a local ANYTHING that is trying to spotlight our artform, please support it.

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