Political Cartoon exhibit to open in Seattle

Several editorial cartoonists will be featured in a new exhibit at the Art Institute of Seattle’s Burnley Gallery. The exhibit entitled “LEFT, RIGHT, & WRONG: Celebrating the Art of Editorial Cartooning” will feature several cartoonists including: David Horsey, Pat Moriarity, Peter Bagge, Donna Barr, Lew Andrus, Dan McConnell, George Jartos and others. The show opens February 25th and runs through March 31st. Visit the gallery web site for more information.

One thought on “Political Cartoon exhibit to open in Seattle

  1. There was a similar exhibit here in Portland in 2001. You might want to look at this really neat teacher’s guide to that exhibit: http://taje.org/fortaje/PDF/editorialcartoonlessons.pdf I wish there were a lot more education about the power of cartoons.

    There’s an exhibit of Jack Ohman’s work at Portland’s main library until March 9. http://www.multcolib.org/events/collins/jackohman.html
    I haven’t seen it yet, but my daughter says it’s great.

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