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New book published about first African American woman cartoonist

University of Michigan Press is publishing a book about Jakie Ormes, the first African American woman cartoonist who created Torchy Brown which ran in papers between 1937 and 1956. The book in entitled, Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist and is written by Nancy Goldstein.

You can learn more about Jakie over on Toonopedia.

Community Comments

#1 Annette E Carroll
@ 5:54 pm

Jakie Ormes is my cousin on my mothers side. I have been doing the family genealogy and have some wonderful pictures of her and family when she was a little child. She and her mother (Mary)were always making my doll clothes, one in particular I remember is a little black mink coat and hat and dress(made from one i use to wera to kindergarden). Her older sister Delores is still alive and living in Chicago. All of my dolls I had from Jackie are long gone but I did purchase one of the remakes to have in my collection and past doen to my grandaughters.Looking forward to buying the book and I am really glad someone has written her story and has showed the beautiful art and talent she had. Hope to hear from you soon. Annette E Carroll In Cleveland, Ohio.

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