Dick Locher inducted into hall of fame

Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist and Dick Tracy writer and artist, Dick Locher has been inducted into the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame. The honor is bestowed on nationally or internationally recognized individuals with Fox Valley connections. Dick is a Fox Valley resident.

3 thoughts on “Dick Locher inducted into hall of fame

  1. Congratulations to Dick Locher for his induction. His passion for cartooning is second to none and his fire still burns brightly even after many decades of effort. I was fortunate to work with him years ago, along with two other greats in Chicago Tribune history: the late Jeff MacNelly and Wayne Stayskal.

  2. This is a man that’s truly deserving of this induction. In 2000 I won the John Locher Award that Dick and his wonderful wife, Mary, award together annually. He has single handedly inspired me and influenced me to be the cartoonist I am today. If I had not won the award in 2000, I probably would have lost passion for editorial cartooning. He welcomed me into a community of cartoonist with open arms and has proven that he’s at the top of his class. Thanks Dick. Congratulations.

  3. Well said, Justin. Well said. I think if I hadn’t won the award in 1998 (ten years ago….yikes!) I wouldn’t be the cartoonist I am today either. Many young cartoonists have been inspired by the award and it has been a bright spot in an otherwise dismal profession. Congratulations, Dick!

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