Concord Monitor begins comic poll

The Concord Monitor has initiated its “second annul Great Comics Contents”.

There are scads of new, creative and genuinely funny comic strip artists out there, many of whom struggle to break into daily newspaper pages that are filled with old favorites, as well as strips that are just plain old. We’d like to introduce Monitor readers to some of the best and see what you think.

The Monitor is going to cut either Shoe or Hagar the Horrible depending on reader reaction, and then run a trial of four comics for two weeks each. They’ll replace the Shoe/Hagar slot with the winner of the four. For consideration, they’ll run Stone Soup, Rhymes with Orange, Non Sequitur and It’s All About You.

Readers are asked to write a letter or an email their responses to the editor. Poll ends February 4.

One thought on “Concord Monitor begins comic poll

  1. Only in the newspaper comic strip world could comics that are over ten years old could be promoted as “new”.

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