Two college cartoon scholarships deadlines looming

There are two collegiate cartoon scholarships application deadlines coming up. Mike Rhodes’ blog has details on the Swann Fellowship in Caricature and Cartoon. It’s an annual award of up to $15,000 and has a deadline of February 15th.

The other award is the The Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship for any college student in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Students do not have to be an art major to win. The deadline for application is January 31st. More information can be had over the National Cartoonists Society Foundation web site.

4 thoughts on “Two college cartoon scholarships deadlines looming

  1. I’m a cartoonist, scriptwriter from Bangladesh.Do U have any colaboration with any Bangladeshi cartoon magazine? Plse let me know.

  2. I would like to apply for a scholarship in cartooning & Graphic design. At present I’m working for a Zulu Daily Newspaper & English Weekly newspaper as a full time cartoonist in South Africa. I have a 3 years Diploma in Intergated Multi-Media (Graphic Design). I would like to expand my knowledge in cartooning. I have work for diffent newspapers for past 8 years. I am 29 years old black South African.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.

  3. I?m August Lee from Washington DC, currently residing in Birmingham Alabama. I?m a senior in high school, and have hopes of attending college following this school year. I wish to go to a school closer to my home town, for I am very homesick and isolated in my current location. In fact, the last three years of my life have been nothing short of bad since I left my home in DC. I have been deprived of much activity and recreation most teenagers wish to have since I?m alienated in Alabama. I wish to have a great college experience that will give me inspiration for the rest of my life, but at the same time filling in the ?life? I have been yearning for. I am capable of being successful and productive; I just need the environment and positive influence. I have been accepted to a variety of schools, some here in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, and some towards DC in Virginia and North Carolina. I hope to go to one of the Virginia schools since its back up North in an environment I am way more comfortable in. I?ve been accepted to a few of them; however, due to my Mother?s financial status, and my current location, paying for attendance in one of those schools proves to be the biggest obstacle. My only way to go to the schools I wish to go to is to miraculously get a scholarship or grant. That isn?t an easy task. That is why I?m writing such a letter. I only hope that whoever reads this holds some sort of an understanding of what I want and what my life needs. Not just the fun and happiness that I complained about earlier, but proper molding and the right experience that will hopefully influence my future in the most positive way. I don?t want to end up at a school I hate just because it was payable. I want to spend the next four years, comfortable, happy, and most importantly, productive. I will do my work, try my hardest and give the classes I have my complete and 100% all. I only ask you to help me get into one of the schools I want to go to. One of which will be most suitable for the college experience I need. So please, May you help me pay for a year in a college I?m interested in? I promise I?ll try my best to do my part. I am posting here because I have been drawing political cartoons since I was about 10. I love politics and political satire, and love to draw cartoons related to politics. My email is I need about 15 thousand for one year only. I will get scholarships for the next year, hopefully.

  4. Im a cartoonist from guatemala, I am searching for a scholarship in what I can do best which is drawing cartoons. I was wondering how I can get one.

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