New Yorker creates blog for cartoonists

The New Yorker has launched a blog for its cartoonists. I don’t know how many of its cartoonists will be writing for it. It has two posts so far by Mick Stevens.

The inaugural post:

When The New Yorker asked me to launch its new cartoonistsâ?? blog, I was at first reluctant. I already have a heavy schedule each day, what with drawing, walking the dog, playing the saxophone, and maintaining my own blog. Picking out a shirt takes time, and long midday naps are a necessary inactivity for oneâ??s mental and physical health. The cartoonistsâ?? blog seemed an impossible burden, but eventually I said yes. So, for the next month or so, youâ??ll find new posts here a few times each week.

One thought on “New Yorker creates blog for cartoonists

  1. This blog looks great, I am new to it, just starting my exploring and wanted to advertise my own blog that is a cartoonist blog as well, not as big as the New Yorker… ok not in the same stratosphere as the New Yorker but it has some good artwork on it, done by me and thats not why I say its good I swear. Check it out, please, I’m begging, well I am too proud to beg but not too proud to ask very nicely… on my knees.

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