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George Zeleski retires at age 87

George Zeleski has announced that he’s retiring. He’s 86. He’s been the cartoonist for the Sun Post (San Clement, CA) for the last 20 years. Most of his career was spent in the meat industry, but after retiring he approached the editor of the Sun Post with some of his cartoons and was offered a position as the paper’s cartoonist. He’s only retiring now because his macular degeneration is causing him to lose his sight.

Community Comments

#1 dave james
@ 7:55 pm

Inspiring guy. Hope I still want to cartoon at 87. Hell, I hope I want to do ANYTHING at 87. Way to go George!

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:01 pm

Ditto that!

#3 zee zeleski
@ 10:13 am

My dad is as wonderful a person as he is a talented artist! Trust me…I know!

#4 J.G. Moore
@ 10:38 am

I hope they get another cartoonist and not just “drop” the position. That is really cool that he was so productive in his 80s.
Very cool. Way to go and Good luck George!

#5 Janet Davis Johnson
@ 10:14 pm

I would like to get a note to the Zeleski Family!

Hello from Janet Davis, formerly of Vine Street, West Covina!! I am so glad I found my old neighbors and remember George and Peggy Zeleski, Jill, (my favorite babysitter!) Jan and Dean. Could someone from the family send a reply?

Janet (Davis) Johnson
Aguanga, CA

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