Getting to know Piers Baker

The Bangor Daily News has posted an interview with Piers Baker, the creator of the freshly launched Ollie and Quentin. It’s a very informative interview on how Piers got into syndication and the road leading to it.

BDN: You’ve created one of the most charming, whimsical buddy stories I’ve ever read. Who are Ollie and Quentin to you?

Baker: That’s a lovely thing to say, thanks. This is a very interesting question and one that I hadn’t really thought about. I suppose they are both me. Ollie is the older brother like me (I’m the eldest of five) and Quentin is the younger brother that I often feel like. You see, in real life my two younger brothers are very successful, grown up businessmen with REAL jobs. They talk on the phone, wear suits, have proper salaries and jet off to important meetings. I sit around in my scruffy clothes drawing funny pictures all day. As my two teenage kids once joked “How come we got the duff one!”

Now I’m a syndicated cartoonist … I’ll show them who’s duff!

They’ve also written a detailed companion bio on Piers.