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Bob Staake still using Photoshop 3.0

I found these videos to be fascinating. Bob Staake has posted three videos of him doing illustrations digitally using Photoshop 3.0. For those not Photoshop savvy, Photoshop is currently up to version 10 or 11 (they changed their versioning convention to “Creative Suit” or CS – so now they’re at CS3).

From Drawn!

Community Comments

#1 Larry Levine
@ 10:25 am

Photoshop is up to CS3?? I’m still using the Elements 2.0 freebie that came with my computer!

#2 Mike Lester
@ 12:44 pm

Proving once again, it’s not the arrow, it’s the indian.

#3 Mike S
@ 3:11 pm

Wonder how he got to be so popular? He’s really not that good.

#4 Mike Lester
@ 4:09 pm

“Wonder how he got to be so popular? Heâ??s really not that good.” said the blind man.

#5 Mike S
@ 4:22 pm

â??Wonder how he got to be so popular? Heâ??s really not that good.â? said the blind man.

LOL! How original.

#6 Anne Hambrock
@ 6:33 pm

Makes me feel better – I’m still working in 5.5! Maybe I’ll upgrade when they get up to 20.2 and the program will do everything but walk my dog!

#7 Rich Diesslin
@ 7:44 pm

I’m at CS 2 now (upgraded about a year ago from 5.0) and really like all the new tools and features. I sketch into the program with a wacom tablet and pen so I don’t do many things the way Bob does, except perhaps some shading and coloring … I don’t think I’d have the patience for it. Plus I really like drawing more than creating with shapes. He has some pretty clever ways to get those shapes though!

It’s true also that really only the most basic of features are really needed … layers in particular. If you are only doing final coloring and/or lettering in PS or elements, it really probably doesn’t matter too much what version.

#8 Cave Man
@ 9:26 pm


Bob Stakke open Cave Man’s eyes!

Cave Man no longer use burnt stick on cave walls!

(Cave man joking, OK?)

#9 Cave Man
@ 9:29 pm

Um, Cave man mean to type “Staake.”

Darn small cerebellum. Make Cave Man look stuupid.

#10 R Pyle
@ 9:13 am

I still use Photoshop 1 on my Mac II. Works just fine. And there’s the added fun of knowing you’re being retro.

When my CS3 machine is busy rendering something that is.

#11 Marilla P. Alligator
@ 9:21 am

Unless you’re doing something highly advanced, almost any version of Photoshop will do the trick. Touching up and coloring scanned comics, for example, is something most versions should handle easily. I’m using Photoshop CS and I’ve no need to update anytime soon.

#12 Garey Mckee
@ 8:20 pm

Ummm, yeah I use “rapidograph 1.0” LOL. I do scan and touch up my work with a few different software packages but can’t bankroll Photoshop!

#13 Mike Wilson
@ 3:58 am

Wow. I upgraded to photoshop CS2 awile ago, didn’t ,now they had CS3 now. I use it to touch up my scans of my cartoons. Photoshop is expensive, but I got a copy for about 200 bucks by getting it used from amazon. com.

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