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Daily Cartoonist closed for Holidays

With the exception of the year-end-review I plan to post later this week, I’m closing the Daily Cartoonist for regular updates until January 2.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or holiday). See you all next year!


Community Comments

#1 Larry Levine
@ 2:12 pm

Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

#2 Norm Feuti
@ 6:51 pm

Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

#3 Tom Racine
@ 2:24 pm

Geez…what a slacker. :) Merry Christmas, Alan…you deserve the break!

And Happy Holidays to all…I had a good one, ’cause someone got me “The Completely Mad Don Martin” collection, so I’m in cartoonist heaven. Hope you all got what you want…toys for the kiddies and extended deadlines for the cartoonists!

#4 Julie Negron
@ 7:42 pm

Yes, definitely Happy Holidays. But the deadline is still looming so I need to stop reading your blog and get back to work. Looking forward to the next installment. ~ jewls

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