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South Bend Tribune to print 3 pages of editorial cartoons

South Bend Tribune (IN) will run three pages of editorial cartoons in a special year-in-review. The first page will all be in color and feature their staff cartoonist Ron Rogers. The other two pages will feature other cartoons that the editorial page editor didn’t use over the last 12 months. In an interview with E&P, the editor mentioned that this is a yearly feature that is really popular with readers.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:29 am

Did anyone else read the Tribune’s cartoonist’s name as ROB Rogers, who draws for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette? Not often that you see two different cartoonists with similar names (just one letter difference).

@ 9:34 pm

Hmmm… Maybe I should call myself HERBLICK, or HENBLOCK!
I’ll stick with KRANKY, already been plagiarized.

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