Four more comic titles available from

Universal Press and are now offering four more titles for their print-on-demand partnership service.

  • A Very Merry, Happy Non Sequitur Holiday by Wiley Miller
  • Close to Home for the Holidays by John McPherson
  • Ho Ho Ho! A Stone Soup Christmas by Jan Eliot
  • Bark to Work Legislation: A Pooch Cafe Collection by Paul Gilligan

In addition to these books, the following calendars are now also available:

  • Non Sequitur 2008 Why Weâ??ll Never Understand Each Other Calendar by Wiley Miller
  • 2008 Lio Calendar by Mark Tatulli
  • 2008 Close to Home Golf Calendar by John McPherson

6 thoughts on “Four more comic titles available from

  1. They also have a great “Overboard” book available. (I’ve loved those pirates for years!)

  2. Agreed, Mark. And even if it isn’t at Lulu, everyone should go out and pick up “Happiness Is A Squishy Cephalopod.”

    And my Domestic Partner Bryan wants to know when we’re going to see another “Heart Of The City” collection!

  3. Mark,
    I agree with Mr. Sungenis. My kids and I love “Heart of the City”. We have the first collection, and a new one is long overdue. (All of us nerds can relate to Dean!)

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