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David Gantz passes at age 85

David Gantz, cartoonist behind comic strips Dudley D. and Don Q., has passed away at the age of 85.

Gantz was also an comic book artist, working on titles such as “Mighty Mouse” and “Patsy Walker,” and an freelance illustrator.

Mike Lynch has a write-up on his blog.

Community Comments

#1 David Harris
@ 2:21 pm

Dear Mr. Charles Brubaker, Although I didn’t know David Gantz personally and am not a cartoonist, I was sad to learn of his passing today, January 23, 2008. I was sitting at my computer desk and decided to search for David Gantz and that is how I learned of his passing. However, I am constantly aware of him as to the left of my computer desk on the wall hang two paintings signed by David Gantz. I don’t know the technical term for the type of painting, but one of them is of David Ben-Gurion 64/300 ’74, the other is Torah I l8/300 ’73. I also purchased Mr. Gantz’ book, Jews in America, and see the similarity between his book and the painints and notice the exact signature. I would like to say he was not just a cartoonist as I also see his painints before me. May his soul have an aliya and rest in peace. Sincerely David Harris,

#2 Joe DiGregorio
@ 9:06 pm

I have one of his paitings of two Indians # 54/300 , would you know if theri worth?

#3 faith fisher
@ 12:44 pm

I have a painting by DAVID GANTZ titled Bach-Beethoven-Brahms 73 50/300. It’s a great piece in the music room. I would like to know of it’s value. Thanks for any help.

#4 Sandra Levinso
@ 10:43 am

I have the same picture as Faith Fisher David Gantz titled Bach-Beetoven-Brahms 73 50/300 any info would be helpful

#5 Doris Martines
@ 12:22 pm

I would also like to know what his original paintings are worth.

#6 Ellen Wiesenberger
@ 6:35 pm

I have a framed relief sculpture in hand patina finish on composition bronze of Don Quixote dated 1974 and signed by David Gantz. It is a limited edition, 55/500. I would also like to kmow what this might be worth and would welcome any information on this piece.

#7 Ellen Wiesenberger
@ 6:37 pm

Please let me know if you received the message I just sent regarding my framed sculpture of Don Quixote signed by David Gantz. The message seemed to disappear when I pressed “submit” – if you did not receive it I will re-submit the details, so please let me know. Thank-you. Ellen Wiesenberger

#8 amanda johnson
@ 9:44 pm

i have a painting called beethoven, bach, brahms ’74 69/300. i would like to know if it has any value.

#9 Joanne Rozyczko
@ 7:30 pm

I have a painting by David Gantz painted on canvas. It is titled Sea Dreams 20/300 dated 1973. I would be interested in the value.

#10 Dav
@ 8:20 pm

I am sad in two ways today. I am greatly saddened by David’s death and also that I lost touch with him over the years. I remember discussing “Don Q” with him when it was first syndicated, and his frustration with some newspapers not running it because they didn’t know if it belonged in the cartoon section or on the political page. But I will always remember David through my most precious possession — a signed artist’s proof he gave me of one of his black and white prints. It’s worth more to me than any price that can be placed on it.
You will always be remembered.

#11 Sandra Levinson
@ 10:28 am

I Have a painting By David Gantz 73 25/30 Bach Beethoven brahms can you tell me of it’s value Thanks Sandy

#12 Leslie stewart
@ 2:05 pm

I have an original signed and numbered hand patina finished on composition bronze sculpture numbered 7/500 dated 74 name THE PATRIARCH sculptured by David Gantz I would like to know how much its worth

#13 Leslie stewart
@ 6:53 am

I have a sculpture by David gantz called the patriarch 7/500 74 would like to know what it’s worth

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