Al Scaduto passes at age 79

Al Scaduto, who drew the They’ll Do It Every Time feature, has passed away at age 79 according to Editor and Publisher. They’ll Do It Every Time was first launched in 1929 by Jimmy Hatlo and Al was the third cartoonist to work on this legacy feature. According to a comment on the Comics Curmudgeon blog by Al’s daughter, Al died as a result from a complication from a medical procedure.

Mike Lynch has an extensive write-up.

One thought on “Al Scaduto passes at age 79

  1. Debbie Scaduto was my best friend growing up on LI. I remember being at her house so many times and hearing her father’s joyful voice singing “Makin Whoopie” as well as opera. He was a special and loving man. My thoughts and sadness go out to his family.

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