Two more comic surveys underway

‘Tis the season to run a comics poll. The News-Press (Ft. Myers Florida) has announced a comic poll for their readers, and when I say, “their readers” I mean everyone with an Internet connection. They’re are asking their readers to rank (in order) their two dozen features, plus rank seven recommended features.

Also running a survey is the Courier-Journal which is asking readers (and anyone else with Internet access) to select their top 5 favorite and their 5 least favorite features. This is an online only poll – no phone calls or paper ballots. It appears that the form can be submitted multiple times, so that ought to keep the results real.

Other polls happening now that I’ve mentioned: The Salt Lake Tribune as well as the News and Observer.

2 thoughts on “Two more comic surveys underway

  1. Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we vote for the U.S. President the same way? Anyone with an internet connection can apply! People overseas are welcome to stuff the ballot box!

    Makes about as much sense as these on-line polls…

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