Washington Post to drop Tom the Dancing Bug

Ruben Bolling’s weekly comic Tom the Dancing Bug will be cancelled by the Washington Post at the end of the year. According to the press release posted on Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog, the editor, Tracy Grantt, is new and suggested they drop the feature for space reasons and non of her staffers objected.

From Ruben:

“I feel that the strip has a special relationship with the readers in DC. The Washington Post is one of my earliest clients, and when they took on the comic strip, no other daily newspaper was running it. They took a big chance on me, and I hope that it continues to pay off. I get tons of emails from Post readers, and at my last appearance at a DC bookstore, there was a line out the door.”

The cancellation is not permanent depending on readership reaction.

One thought on “Washington Post to drop Tom the Dancing Bug

  1. “Tom the Dancing Bug” is the funniest, most interesting, most imaginative comic I know. I can’t believe my beloved Post is dropping it. Off to write to them!


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