Christmas cartoon collections abound

Hal Foster Christmas Card

‘Tis the season for Christmas cartoon collections. There are three main collections on the web that I’m seeing. First off is Hogan’s Alley “A Cavalcade of Cartoonists’ Christmas Cards.” It’s taken from a selection of Christmas Card cartoons that cartoonists have sent to friends and colleagues. The above image is from a Hal Foster card.

Secondly is fifth annual The Cartoon Days of Christmas over on Rich Diesslin’s web site. Again, cartoonists are invited to submit their cartoons for display.

And last but not least is the Chewing Pencils Christmas drawing project that is now underway. Over the next week or so, check the site for updates as the cartoons start rolling in (due Dec. 15th). The guest judge for this project is Andertoon’s Mark Anderson and the winner receives a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

2 thoughts on “Christmas cartoon collections abound

  1. Thanks Alan for posting this. I hope y’all drop by for a view. If you want to participate, I’ll create a page for you and add your cartoons, bio, links, etc. … say by the 15th or so. (Going for G and PG rated materials ). If anyone would like to promote it on their web space, there’s an information packet on the web page and I’ll add your link to my site too.

    Why you may ask. Well, just for the fun of it.

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