Clay Bennett to be syndicated through Washington Post Writers Group

Clay Bennett
Washington Post Writers Group has announced that they have signed Pulitzer Prize winner Clay Bennett. Clay is leaving the Christian Science Monitor after nine years and taking the Chattanooga Times Free Press position starting in January. His work was syndicated through the Christian Science Monitor, but when he announced he was leaving, Clay also noted that he was looking for a new syndicate channel for his work.

“When we heard Clay might be available, we jumped at the chance to be his syndicate,” said Amy Lago, the Writers Group’s comics editor. “He’s one of the most inventive, creative and thoughtful editorial cartoonists out there.”

Editorial Director Alan Shearer agreed that there was no hesitation, despite industry forces that are depleting the ranks of cartoonists and reducing the space for their work. “I’ve heard people in our business say editorial cartooning is in decline as newspapers slash and burn, and they are right to a degree,” he said. “But creatively, cartooning is as strong as ever, and Clay is one of the brightest lights. His work will be a strong presence in the marketplace. And I’m pleased that we’re adding yet another Pulitzer Prize winner to our roster.”

Clay’s work will be available from WPWG starting January 1.

3 thoughts on “Clay Bennett to be syndicated through Washington Post Writers Group

  1. Wait up a second…this “Bennett” guy gets a Pulitzer and now a syndicated comic also? That just isn’t right. Time to share the wealth.

    Seriously, though, congratulations. I’ve seen Bennett’s comics before and they’re always very well done. As I’m sure they say around the Christian Science Moniter, L’Chaim!

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