Festival of Cartoon Art photo slideshow now posted

From Mike Rhode’s blog comes news that the Ohio State University’s Cartoon Research Library has posted various slideshows of this year’s Festival of Cartoon Art. There are three slideshows: Presentation Highlights, Forum Highlights and Exhibit Highlights.

One thought on “Festival of Cartoon Art photo slideshow now posted

  1. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work with movie & TV producers, directors, screenwriters, and actors (famous and not-so-famous) – many of whom, as you might expect, were quite interesting to talk to. I can honestly say meeting and talking to cartoonists, individually in an interview situation or at an incredible event like the Festival in Ohio, has proven to be more interesting, satisfyingâ?¦and fun! In the last 5 months, since making the decision to publish STAY TOONED! Magazine, Iâ??ve had the extreme pleasure of talking to over fifty professional cartoonists (famous and not-so-famous); I have yet to meet one who wasnâ??t gracious and giving of his/her timeâ?¦and with whom Iâ??d would not love to spend more time talking. If you run into a cartoonist today, thank him or her for what they do, for the goodness that comes from their pens; if you happen to be a cartoonist, look at yourself in the mirror, and give a wink and a smile.

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