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Matt Bors covers former UN Ambassador John Bolton forum

Syndicated editorial cartoonist Matt Bors attended Pacific University’s 25th annual Tom McCall Forum to hear former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton (D-IN) debate on foreign policy. He wrote up a column and cartoon that was published in Campus Progress.

So imagine my excitement earlier this month when I heard that Bolton would be appearing in Portland, at Pacific University’s 25th annual Tom McCall Forum, to debate “U.S. Foreign Policy Post ’08.” Foreign policy minutiae usually isn’t my idea of fun. I’d rather be hunched over a drawing table, listening to Michael Savage bloviate and spilling ink over the latest scandal involving hookers and/or an anti-gay gay conservative. But Bolton overrides my rational decision-making center-I simply must draw him whenever I can. So I grabbed a pen and notebook and anxiously hopped a bus downtown to catch the festivities. Bolton was set to face off against former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton (D-IN), who also served on the 9/11 Commission and the Iraq Study Group.

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#1 Mac o' the Funny Papers
@ 3:41 pm

Great stuff! Practically wrote itself, didn’t it?

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