Chicago Tribune announces 2 changes to line up (UPDATED)

The Chicago Tribune has made two changes in their line-up. Starting this last Monday, they’ve added Bill Whitehead’s Free Range and Harry Bliss’ Bliss. To make room, they’ve dropped Dog Eat Doug and The Humble Stumble. Non Sequitur and Mister Boffo, which had previously ran as panels are now running as strips.

UPDATED: The Tribune’s reader forum has over 70 complaints about the changes.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Tribune announces 2 changes to line up (UPDATED)

  1. I’m not familiar with Harry Bliss’ “Bliss”. Wasn’t there another comic strip called “Bliss” by Stephen Hersh? I think UPS carried it. How many other syndicated strips have shared the same title?

  2. It’s too bad “Humble” had to go. I think it’s a pretty good strip.

    “Bliss” is a nice addition to the page though. It provides some “laugh out loud” material.

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