Marshall Ramsey sets records for live election blogging

Just heard from Clarion-Ledger editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey on the results of his election night live blogging efforts. He reports that from 4:42 p.m. to midnight he wrote 46 blog posts with 8 cartoons – “seven sketchier ones and one that ended up being my cartoon for print.” His blog traffic doubled and was the top individual election coverage items that night. On the last election night back in August he wrote 32 posts and 12 cartoons. It should be noted that due to technically difficulties, his posts did not appear on his official blog, but on a temporary account.

He remarks:

Several people e-mailed and said that they enjoyed the live blog more than the TV coverage. I took that as a good compliment.

The only other editorial cartoonist that did any live blogging was Eric Devericks at the Seattle Times who posted 5 cartoons (love the scratchy, watercolor style!) between 8:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. I thought there would be more. Based on Marshall’s experience, it can be a popular event for the cartoonist and newspaper.

7 thoughts on “Marshall Ramsey sets records for live election blogging

  1. Marshall seems to get a real kick out of these cartoon-drawing marathons he undertakes. Besides the election night coverage he’s subjected himself to, he does much the same thing at the annual Neshoba County Fair here in Mississippi, drawing cartoon after cartoon over a period of a week!

  2. We think that Marshall is the best and we are so glad that he allows us to join him in all the fun!

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I had a lot of fun doing the election blogging. I decided to do it at the last minute when I got home. It turned out to be a hit with readers and I can’t wait to do it again.

    I really wanted to do more cartoons/sketches but it took about an hour to go from idea to blog post. I skipped the inking step and ramped up the contrast on my pencil sketches. Then I forced myself to loosen up on the color to get done faster.

  4. We love MARSHALL! He is very entertaining, and very good to have around on the blog when you are having a bad day, reading his blog always lifts me up!!

  5. Marshall is a treasure for Mississippi and, indeed, the nation. And his blog is more interesting than MOST live news event, not just election night, heh. The live blog on election night, though, is a wonderful event and it is just amazing to see his imagination at work during the night. The MRBA is a great group and I hope we provide him as much support and entertainment as he provides us with magic and joy.
    Pamela aka Watercolor

  6. It should also be noted that Marshall draws SEVEN cartoons a week for The Clarion-Ledger. He does his cartoons and blog while being married, raising three boys, feeding something extremly large that looks like a cat in addition to his yard work.
    I wish more newspapers would have the desire to have someone like Marshall on their staff…uh, except my newspaper.
    Keep it up, Marshall.

  7. I had to work our local elections for my newspaper here in Pontotoc. This is the first time I’ve had a computer that wasn’t a dinosaur. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping track of the state election on Marshall’s spot. It is the first thing I bring up in the morning and usually the last place I go before I leave work. The election was especially fun. He is great!!! The Clarion has a jewel in him. (Oh and Mr. Clay, you forgot his two dogs, Banjo and Molly they would be offended)

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