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Play co-written by Hilary Price to hit stage next month

E&P reports that a play co-written by Rhymes with Orange cartoonist Hilary Price entitled “Santacide” will be performed next month in Northampton Mass by the Northhampton High School Theater. The comedy play is about a mother and son detective team investigating Santa’s murder. While the play has had a reading in Smith College last year, this will be the first full-production of the play.

Community Comments

#1 Scott Metzger
@ 6:29 pm

Sounds interesting, I like the title. If the play is as good as her cartoons, it’ll be a hit.

#2 Eric Burke
@ 9:58 pm

I was thinking just the opposite. I hope the play is better than her strip, which could be called Rhymes with Waffle

…not a fan.

Play does sound interesting, though.

#3 Rick Stromoski
@ 5:34 am

RWO has been nominated 4 times for the NCS Reuben division award and won last year for best panel. She must be doing something right.

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