Pearls bumps Dilbert; Cul de Sac bumps Happy Musings (UPDATED)

A couple of comic strip pick ups and drops to report this week. Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine is now in the Salinas Californian in Dilbert’s spot. Scott Adam’s Dilbert has been moved ot the back of the National/World section.

Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac makes a debut in The Detroit Free Press as of today. To make room, the paper has dropped Sally Huss’ Happy Musings. They’ve also made a couple more switches. Mr. Boffo is temporarily running in Heat of the City’s spot during Mark Tatulli’s two week vacation. Beetle Bailey has been moved to the TV page where Sally Forth ran and Sally Forth to the “color back page.”

UPDATE: The Register Guard has picked up Cul de Sac as well – at least for a 2 month trial run. They mention that not only does it come with Bill Watterson’s recommendation, but Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot as well.

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