New feature to appear tomorrow

Last week Jim Borgman wrote a list of cartoonists that he admires over on his blog. It was an enjoyable read and time well spent as I chased down the names and artwork of some of the artists whose work I didn’t readily know. Beginning tomorrow I’m introducing a new feature on The Daily Cartoonist called “The Cartoonist’s Cartoonists” wherein I invite a cartoonist to list 10 or so other cartoonists who has influenced their work or whose work they admire and tell us why. Think of it as an iTunes Celebrity Playlist for cartooning. I’ll try to keep the guest cartoonists a varied bunch – bouncing between editial cartoonists, comic strippers, magazine cartoonists, as well as younger generations and older generations. I hope you’ll find it an enlightening read.

I asked Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac, to be the first featured cartoonist because his artwork is so unique on the comics page. I think you’ll enjoy exploring the artists he’s listed. I have.

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