Mike Witmer’s Pinkerton picked up by Gocomics

Mike Witmer’s feature Pinkerton has been picked up on GoComics and will begin its daily run on November 5th. Mike also does the feature 44th Union Avenue that also appears on GoComics. You can see Pinkerton over on his web site, which will also continue to post the feature.

11 thoughts on “Mike Witmer’s Pinkerton picked up by Gocomics

  1. I had no clue Witmer did two strips. Pinkerton is pretty darn good from the handful of stuff I’ve read. It looks nothing like his first strip at all. Does this mean 44 Union will be ending?

  2. “44 Union Avenue” has already ended and is in re-runs.
    I have been following “Pinkerton” online and I think it’s great. Perhaps it’s even better than “44 Union Ave.” which I did like. Congratulations, Mike!

  3. Agreed. Pinkerton is consistently entertaining and I really like Mike’s drawing style. It fits the strip’s humor perfectly.

    Congrats, and here’s hoping you make millions!

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