Steve Canyon TV show released to DVD

Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon strip was so popular that it was made into a television show that ran in 1959 on NBC. It ran only one season – a total of 34 episodes. The Caniff estate has rights to that show and are releasing a DVD with four of those episodes. Those interested in the DVD can purchase it through the Steve Canyon on DVD blog as well as purchase a commerative hat or just plain donate to the cause.

The DVD also contains original commercials and promos for each episode and a Stills Gallery.

5 thoughts on “Steve Canyon TV show released to DVD

  1. I’ve watched the DVD, and it is a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it…It has some “not yet famous” faces acting in the shows,and it’s a great addition to any “Caniff-ites” collection… I also recieved an official Steve Canyon pilots cap which is great too!


  2. Thanks for the kind words Dan…and by the way, Volume One is finally out! We just released THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON Volume One at the end of November (2008)…the first 12 episodes from 1958/1959 restored and gorgeous on DVD. If you are curious or if you are into century series interceptors and other USAF planes from the late fifties, I guarantee you’ll be interested in at least checking out our blog. Note that you can only get the DVD directly from us at this point as we are not yet offering it through other online or retail outlets.

  3. What can you tell me about a contest that originated with that strip. It had to do with a shoulder patch for the USAF
    Recovery Sq. Thanks for any infno. RA

  4. What can you tell me about the strip where it introduced a contest concerning a shoulder patch for the USAF RFecovery Sqdn. Thanks RA

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