Jack Elrod to receive Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award

Jack Elrod, who has worked on the Mark Trail comic since 1950, will be honored with the Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award from the Society of American Foresters during that organizations national convention in Oregon this week. The award is given for journalist coverage of topics that increase American’s understanding of forestry and natural resources. Jack has worked with various natural resources communities to create educational coloring and activity books for elementary age children on environmental and safety issues. Earlier this year, Jack, who is a Gainsville GA native, was honored by the Northeast Georgia History Center.

One thought on “Jack Elrod to receive Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award

  1. The comic Mark Trail has been a must read for many years. I am not sure anymore.
    I was disgusted by the comic signed by Jack Elrod denouncing beavers. Portraying them as destructive and should be on our dinner menus. Do you really think this attitude and public statement are worthy of the award. I do not and am highly offended. Sincerely.

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