Creig Flessel wins 2007 Sparky Award

From E&P we learn that The Cartoon Museum in San Francisco will present the 2007 Sparky Award to Creig Flessel who worked on the David Crane feature from 1960 through its end in 1971. The Sparky Award is named for Charles M. Schulz.

One thought on “Creig Flessel wins 2007 Sparky Award

  1. Craig Flessel, my good friend and true pro Gill Fox used to say, is the Professional’s Professional. This brilliant talent’s portfolio, his body of work, is immense and incredible. There is nothing in cartooning and comics that he hasn’t done. Just the stuff he did, (unsigned, so not too many people would know,) for the ad agency, Johnstone and Cushing puts him up there with Dik Browne, Jack Murphy, Stan Drake, Lou Fine. I’m so happy for him. Gill , from the bullpen up in Heaven, is overjoyed.

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