Garry Trudeau’ Sandbox blog is released as a book (UPDATED… again)

Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau’s Sandbox blog – which allows service men and women deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to write about their experiences – has been collected and printed in book form entitled “’s The Sandbox.” The Washington Post has an article about the book and a bit about Garry’s work to support the troops. Royalties for the book will go toward the Fisher House Foundation – a charity that Garry has supported in the past.

UPDATED: Just heard a teaser on NPR that Garry will be on All Things Considered this morning to talk about his book. Go listen now, or if you miss it, check back here for a link to the streaming audio.

UPDATE #2: Just checked NPR’s site. Today’s audio and stories will not be posted until late this afternoon. Please check back.

UPDATE: #3: The audio with Garry’s segment is now available.

One thought on “Garry Trudeau’ Sandbox blog is released as a book (UPDATED… again)

  1. Unrelated observation (well, not totally unrelated — it does concern Doonesbury): Trudeau’s “evil gnome” dictator of Berzerkistan is one of the most laugh-out-loud funny characters to hit the comics page since … I dunno. Duke? Garry *has* to keep him as a regular. There might be a sad, brutal truth that informs the character, but he’s marvelously, comically, cluelessly loathesome — like Bucky Katt made human.

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