Billings Gazette drops and adds 2 features

The Billings Gazette added four new features earlier this year: Pickles, Non Sequitur, Get Fuzzy and Baby Blues and now they have added Pearls Before Swine and Prickly City to their line ups. To make room for the new features, they have dropped B.C. and Mallard Fillmore.

Additionally, the paper has announced that it will start printing it’s own Sunday comics so that they can have more control over which features they run (currently they subscribe to a group package Sunday service with several other papers in the west). They are asking for feedback on which features should in their Sunday line-up in starting January.

2 thoughts on “Billings Gazette drops and adds 2 features

  1. In the words of the habitually offended people parodied in his strip, “I’m offended” that the editor would cave in to the complaints of a few. The Few, The Loud, The Offended!

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