Rob Harrell releases new Big Top collection; gets second solo show

Just got an email from Rob Harrell who tells me that he’s self-publishing a second collection of his Big Top comic through Lulu press. The book is called “Sawdust and Greasepaint”, has 128 pages and retails for $11.95. He’s also redesigned his web site to showcase his fine art, illustration and comic strip. It also links to his store for Big Top merchandise.

And lastly, he also has his own show in San Francisco at the Hespe Gallery on November 10th.

7 thoughts on “Rob Harrell releases new Big Top collection; gets second solo show

  1. I’d never heard of Big Top, it looks cute. I’ve been curious to check out Lulu’s printing quality, so I may have to pony up the dough to check that out. Is there a first volume?

  2. Just a pet peeve of mine, I can’t stand it when people call comics, or any artwork “cute.” I’m sure most cartoonists don’t strive for cuteness. Dynamic characters, yes. Interesting artwork that engages the reader, yes. Writing that allows one to identify with the work, yes. But cute? No.

    Sorry, I just had to vent. I know, I’m cute when I’m angry.

  3. Garey, funnily enough, I don’t generally like to call stuff cute myself, but when I see a comic featuring bubbly-looking circus animals, it’s just so darned CUTE, I can’t help myself. lol

    Thanks for the info on Vol 1., Charles.

  4. This will be the first book I buy through Up until now I had no real interest in the collections that they were selling, but a collection of “Big Top,” which was one of my favorite comics in papers before it ended prematurely in March, is definitely the one that will spark me to try it out.

    “Big Top” may have cute-looking characters, Danny, but it’s not a cutesy kids’ strip like “Animal Crackers.” Rather, its brand of humor would probably appeal to you if you like “Pearls Before Swine” (not as dark, though) and/or “Get Fuzzy” (not as weird, though). It is great and I would highly recommend both the Andrews&McMeel published first volume and, providing that the second year of “Big Top” was as good as the rest, this “Sawdust and Greasepaint” volume as well.

    And congratulations to Mr. Harrell for continuing to pursue his fine art.

  5. Danny,

    Sorry I really wasn’t going after you. I just saw the word “cute” and it made me think it would be as good a time as any to rant LOL.

  6. Just got this second volume of Big Top. Fantastic! I recommend it fully and hope that there will be another one. Hoping for the entire run of the strip to be published.

    Excellent job!

    Greg Fink
    Stinging Monkey Books

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