Bruce Plante takes Tulsa World opening

Chattanooga Times editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante will be leaving the paper to go to Tulsa Oklahoma to be the new editorial cartoonist at the Tulsa World. Bruce has been with the Chattanooga Times since 1985 and will be replacing the late Doug Marlette who died earlier this year in a car accident.

7 thoughts on “Bruce Plante takes Tulsa World opening

  1. For those keeping track…

    Tulsa World fired their long-time cartoonist Dave Simpson for plagiarizing in 2005. They hired Doug Marlette in 2006, only to die in a car accident just few months ago. And now, Bruce Plante will be at the paper.

    Let’s hope that this one will actually last.

  2. I broke the story on Bruce’s departure with a story on Chattanoogan.Com, which you can access in the “Happenings” section. It was fun to scoop the Times Free Press on its own story; however, I am personally sad that Bruce is leaving. He really does have a special talent. Our loss is certainly Tulsa’s gain.

  3. Bruce Plante rewcently did a cartoon showing Pistol Pete shooting out the letter “C” from the BCS sign. Is there any way of getting a larger copy of this cartoon? It is a classic and I would like to frame it. I woukd be willing to pay for the print. Thank you, Ben Hoke

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