Bill Amend talks about his semi-retired state

The Comic Wire has an interesting interview with Fox Trot creator Bill Amend who dropped his daily strip back in December of last year. He talks about his contract with Universal Press, how he produces his Sunday feature, character identification, merchandising and more nondescript, vague answers about what he does with his time now that he’s semi-retired.

2 thoughts on “Bill Amend talks about his semi-retired state

  1. I’m always glad to hear from Bill Amend. He was one of my first influences growing up. Does anyone else remember the very first Sunday strip he did? It used photographs and narration primarily – something he rarely (if ever?) has done since. I wonder if it was just an experiment or if there was another reason he never went back to that style.

    The Sunday-only format seems very rewarding for cartoonists. You get a larger space, color, and a weekly instead of daily deadline. I’d be curious to see if that becomes more of a trend in the future.

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