Modernized Steve Canyon coming on Monday

E&P reports that a modernized Steve Canyon will be released – at least limitedly – on Monday. The new version is written and drawn by retired Air Force Master Sgt. Russ Maheras for the Air Force Times, a weekly paper that covers the military. The new strip “follows Brig. Gen. Steve Canyon as he investigates Taliban activity in a remote valley in the mountains of Afghanistan.” No information was given about syndication which leads me to think that it’s limited to that paper.

You can read the classic Steve Canyon over on Humorous Maximus.

16 thoughts on “Modernized Steve Canyon coming on Monday

  1. Would this explain why Humorous Maximus stopped updating their Steve Canyon archive last week?

    And if so, will the new Steve Canyons be available online?

  2. This is probably the coolest news in the comics industry in quite some time, at least for me that is. I hope the new Steve Canyon will be available to read online.

  3. Russ Maheras has made the opening panel of the strip available at

    It will be available only in the September 24 editions of Air Force Times, Army Times, Navy Times, and Marine Times.
    If you don’t have access to a military exchange
    “People outside the newsstand radius can buy single copies by calling
    our customer service department (800.368.5718) or sending e-mail to
    or… Each issue will cost $3 (plus $1.50 shipping) the
    week the paper is on the newsstand. Thereafter, it’ll cost $5 plus

  4. Who needs a Steve Canyon ala legacy strip style when we already have the hip, fresh RIP HAYWIRE!

  5. Good to hear there’s a new strip, but I hope HM does not stop publishing the legacy one. I was really enjoying it.

  6. I really don’t need a new Steve Canyon when the old strips are so great. Thank you, Maximus, for publishing it! Now, please, KEEP THE OLD STRIP GOING! Does anyone really think the Taliban is going to be as much fun as Madame Lynx?

  7. Jay wrote: “Wow, thatâ??s a lot of exclamation points.”

    You forgot the exclamation point!

    I intentionally used all exclamation points in the strip is because I wanted a retro feel, and all exclamation points were standard in the 1950s for not only the Steve Canyon strip, but other strips and most comic books as well.

    Back then, there may have been multiple reasons for the “all exclamation point” convention. For example, when strips were reduced and reproduced on newsprint (particularly in newspapers), a period may drop off or be harder to see than an exclamation point. In addition, using exclamation points may have made the strips and comics seem more exciting!!! Know what I mean???!!!!!!!


  8. Ok, don’t know where the rest of my post went. Yes that exclamation point was intentional. I just wanted to say Kudos on your oustanding work. I just assumed the use of the exclamation points were to denote talking over the noise of the aircraft’s engines, but you raise an interesting point about the convention of their use in earier work.

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